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Welcome to Morgan Falls Cafe. Join us for a laid-back friendly environment with delicious food.


"Great Prices and a lot to choose from"


Morgan Falls Menu

Morgan Falls Menu





Jahan Washington

For many years, Morgan Falls Café has been giving customers exactly what they wanted. At Morgan Falls Café, there is never a dull moment.

It is the perfect environment to grab a cup of coffee or simply, enjoy a snack. Want to find the perfect place for a rendezvous with some of your friends? Then look no further, we would enjoy your company! Nestled in Sandy Springs, Ga—we are uniquely positioned to give you a taste of Atlanta that is unique to us.

Our convenient location makes us perfect for meetings and corporate gatherings.


Coffee, A cup a day, keeps fatigue away. At Morgan Falls Café, we will keep you on your feet.


Conveniently located in Morgan Falls at the heart of Sandy Sprigs.

Location image "In the back of building 100"